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i am sitting here staring at the mirror behind the bar. drunk off my ass.  its a pleasant 87 degrees out and humid as all hell. I love coming to this place cause nobody bothers me and i can always talk to the bartender. in addition, i can be more honest and hell who cares. right? So kelly comes home and says she needs to talk and i'm like ok what is it? she tells me there was another guy also she was next to. she says "oh we didn't screw", but they messed around.  and she did give him a bj. guess i wont kiss her now. i don't know what i should do anymore. i really hate her, but still love her and what else happened that she hasn't told me. i should dump her i guess but then i have to start over. i just want things to work.  time for one more. so can anyone explain any of this. Time for the walk home. good by.  A

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You sooooo need to move old are you anyway? Old enough to go to a bar obviously... Who cares if you have to start over?

Wow, you do need some help. Advice from the bastard intarwebz bartender: Grow a pair. If you want to go through the rest of your life with this girl, wondering all the while, Whose dick am I tasting today? then by all means do so. I don't think you do. Man up and do what's right by you.

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