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dumb bitch
So she musta thought I was a dumb ass or something. So after she got bang upside the her head numerous times, she got her shit kick out the door. whoever ask, here you go, manned up. Course then she called the cops and all hell breaks loose. Around here though the cops see it as just and boyfriend/girlfriend fight. so Kelly is gone and Trisha has been by. Trisha's pretty nice. Has a good job and decent car. Decent? 2010 Vette. So she wants to start going out and after Kelly, she will be a nice change. So tonight its off to the races to see how the horses run. Hopefully I can win some more money. miserable 3200.00 last time. Think I'll play heavier tonight and see what happens. Well wish me luck and thanks for telling me to kick the bitch out.

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yikes....related to Chris Brown or something? Violence is never ok...ya think?

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