What a day. everything went right. My GF and I went to breakfast, lunch, dinner and then saw a movie. All day together and no problems, no discussions of past events. It was great. I know eventually we'll need to get back into discussions about past events. But not today. She spent the night, hence the breakfast and I world be lying if I said that her infidelities hadn't crossed my mind. But I blocked it and we just softly connected. She's such a good person, I might someday think about the big "M." We do well together and only have issues when travel takes me away for awhile. But today was GREEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAT!!!!!!!!!!!

Writer's Block: Mystery meat
In Taiwan I ate dog meat without knowing it. I'm a cat lover so OH well. LOL! Kidding, It made me sick to my stomach when I found out.

here kitty kitty
Any cat lovers? Mine has developed an appetite for mice. It finds them, tortures them and then drags them in the apt. I am not sure why, he definitely gets enough to eat. but I guess it's fun and oh well, just pick them up and toss them out.

another day in paradise?
So here I am, waiting and waiting and waiting for my other someone to show. I hate when shes late, cause I sit and wonder what shes doing. Guess I should explain; she had an affair with a guy and since then trust has been a big issue. I blame myself cause I was very distant, but still she shouldn't have slept with someone. I didn't get any from someone else, maybe I should. She told me EVERYTHING and now I wish she hadn't. But I give her credit for being very honest with me. I saw another person going through the same stuff and she did the same thing as my GF and slept with another guy.  So I guess it happens. I feel like guilt would eat me up though. OK she's here, so bye.


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